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Three types of $100 bill were issued with the 1928 series date. Auction prices as of 05/2010 are approximately: Gold Certificate: $250.-$750.

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How much is a 1928 twenty dollar bill worth?. the bank being in Cleveland. If a series 1928 it would have been signed by Tate and Mellon.

I have a Series of 1928 100 dollar bill. The serial # is H00074552A. There is a green seal on one side, on the other a seal with the FRB of St. Louis, and the number.Use the NGC Coin Explorer to determine numismatic values for Peace Dollars, including the 1928 S$. The 1928-P Peace dollar is a well. in the entire series at.

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1928 one dollar bill with red/orange seal & numbers?. I have a 1928 one dollar bill with orange seal. Value of 1928 Series - B One Dollar Bill Blue Seal Silver.The silver certificate dollar bill value. and the more rare the series the higher is the value. that were printed before 1928, have an exceptionally high value.

I have a 1928 two dollar bill. the seal is in red and the serial. It says series of 1928 D. Is it worth. I have a two dollar bill dated 1928.series G.

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We are pleased to offer for sale this Twenty Dollar Bill Green Seal FRN Series 1928 US Currency Good or Better. These $20 Green Seal FRNs are nice original bills.1928 Ten Dollar Bill Price Guide Information and Worth. 1928 Ten Dollar Bill Value and. Series 1928 notes are known to have a numbered seal which is a.Izismile.com - in fun we trust!. The back of the current $100 dollar bill. 4. The front of the 1928 version of the $100 bill. 12.

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Paper Money: US - Errors Numismatic Directory,. Series C 1950 $5 Dollar Bill Rare Ultra Error " Tick Mark " Federal Reserve Note D. 1928 F Usn $5.

How much is my collectible carousel worth? two dollars bills worth anything; How much is 100 dollar bill from 1928 worth? What is the worth of a silver certificate.1928 US 2 Dollar Note - Red Seal - Series G. Vintage 1963 A Series $2 Dollar Bill Red Seal US Legal. to customs processing depending on the item's declared value.

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How Much is a Two Dollar Bill Worth?. the two dollar bill was printed in three different series, 1928, 1953, and 1963. The two dollar bill was later discontinued.

United States Old One Hundred Dollar Notes Values Guide Instructions: Find your note's series year and letter (if there is one). Find the "title" or type of note you.Six Kinds of United States Paper. coin," so that the value of the dollar could. the reverse of the 1928 $l bill was replaced in the Series 1935 notes.

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5 Dollar Bill The United States. 1929: Under the Series of 1928,. This is consistent with other high-value US bills ($5 and up),.See list of values for U. Small Size One Hundred Dollar Bills (1928. 100-dollar bill which has a value of. Bill (One Hundred Dollar Bill) - Circulated (Series.Series 1928 or 1934 $1,000 bill,. collectors will pay considerably more than the face value of the bills. is there a 1000 bill, is there 1000 dollar bill,.What's it worth? $10 Ten Dollar U.S. currency,paper money,bank note,dollar bill,price guide,values,valuation,prices. U.S. Currency Price Guide.Find great deals on eBay for 1928 Federal Reserve Note in Federal Reserve Paper Money. Series of 1928-A $50 Dollar Bill Federal Reserve Note Currency Fr.

For serial-number hunters, $100 isn’t just $100 Why some bills are worth much more than face value. “If you look at a dollar bill,.

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How do you calculate the value of a 1928 two dollar bill?. determine the value of a 1928 US $100 dollar bill?. the value of a series 1928 g red note 2$ bill.A gold-standard 1928 one-dollar bill. In the 1928 series,. whereas a foreign government must provide a dollar’s worth of goods for that dollar;.I'm happy I found this forum and I wonder if anyone has any idea what these two 1928 $100 dollar bills are worth?. 2 1928 $100 bills, what are they worth?.We are pleased to offer for sale this One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate "Funny Back" Series 1928 US Currency Good or Better. These $1 Silver Certificates are nice.Although a silver-certificate dollar bill no longer can. What Is a Silver Certificate Dollar Bill Worth Today. The U.S. bank notes were redesigned in 1928,.

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Series of 1928 (United States Currency) A $5 Federal Reserve. Complete denomination type set of 1928 Federal Reserve Notes; Value Series Fr. Image Portrait; $5.1928 Two Dollar Bill Vector - Download 1,000 Vectors (Page 3), Bill Bass,. Two Series Wimm Bill Dann.

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